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9 Tips to improve your Eurostars application

To receive funding from Eurostars for your research project, you have to fill in an application form. This can be done from the opening of the call to the call’s published deadline, which is approximately 2-3 months.

A central evaluation of the applications we have received is done according to criteria agreed on by all participating countries. Those criteria are publicly available and the evaluation is done by a panel of international experts renowned in their field.

A Eurostars call should be seen as a competition, and the output of this competition is a ranking list, where the experts decide which projects are the very best according to their overall quality.

Here are some general tips to improve the quality of your project proposal:

1. You have someone to talk to, do it!

Your first step should always be to contact the Eurostars offices in your country. The National Project Coordinator (NPC) is there to guide you through the application process and provides guidelines on the national funding rules and procedures. He or she will be able to provide you with up-to-date information. You can find them here.

2. Don’t overlook the Basics.

Your project application will be read by different persons from different countries; be sure that they are able to understand you.  It is about properly justifying and explaining your business idea and what your project is. Your project application must be detailed but concise. Nobody will invest in you if they don’t know what you are talking about.

Proof-read your content: If you cannot spell your own name or email properly, it doesn’t instill confidence that you can handle, for instance, a million euro of funding. Don’t forget proof-reading is the simplest and cheapest way of improving your application form.

3. Are you Eurostars?

Does your project and company profile fit in the Eurostars criteria?  Your project must be innovative in terms of products, services or processes.  Every Eurostars project should have at least two project participants from two different Eurostars countries. The project leader must be an R&D performing SME. Other types of participants are welcome (Universities, Research Institutes, SMEs….) Your project must have a civilian purpose and be completed in 36 months or less.

Eurostars does not select which technologies should be put forward; it lets you decide which technology you want to develop.

4. Be healthy!

The question of financial health of project participants is a tricky one. The general rule is that you should be able to demonstrate good financial health. Nevertheless this will depend on your company’s role in the partnership and the project you have submitted. If a company has the leading role and bad financial health, the chances of not getting selected are very high. On the other hand, if the project is highly innovative and the partner with financial uncertainties only has a minor role, there may be some chance of being selected.

5. It is a team effort!

A Eurostars project is about an innovation, not just about you. It is a team effort to bring an innovation to the market. The consortium must be well balanced: no project participant should be responsible for more than 75% of the projects costs. Here is a tip: since bringing the innovation to the market is a team effort, you must have a project coordinator. Outline that the coordinator has sufficient managerial skills to improve the quality of your project proposal.

6. Take a risk!

Project proposal with high innovative and technological risks have higher chances to be evaluated in a positive way by the Eurostars experts. But these risks must be properly assessed and addressed.

7. Intellectual Property Rights!

Having a detailed but concise explanation on how the IPR will be exploited is a big plus and will be welcomed by the Eurostars experts.

8. Don’t neglect Market and commercialisation!

The market and commercialisation part of your project proposal mustn’t be taken lightly. It is a central part of your proposal. Be sure to answer this part in a detailed and comprehensive manner. 

9. Guidelines!

Read them. They are here to help you with all the different steps of your project life. You can find them here.


If you need help with all the different steps don’t hesitate to contact your NPC or directly ask question to the Eurostars Department of the EUREKA Network.

By no means, these tips will guarantee that your project will receive funds. This is general advice to help you improve your project proposal. The EUREKA Secretariat and the Eurostars department are not responsible of the decision made by the independent expert panel regarding the project evaluation.