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13-June-2017 to 14-June-2017

Manchester / United Kingdom

This annual event for the chemical industry, organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry , brings together start-ups, SMEs, multinational organisations, and...

Belgium / Belgium

This Brokerage event is an opportunity for industry, academia, SMEs and other actors to get ready to develop consortia and submit funding proposals targeting...

Process control for the femtosecond laser surface modification by high resolution imaging spectroscopy

Ytterbium-doped Alignment-free Femtosecond Fiber Laser Engineering

Ultrashort Pulse Lasers for Innovative Technology

Development of a Commercial ElectroCapture Instrument for Mass Spectrometry and UV-detection

Heavy metal monitoring device to improve the environmental safety of wastewater emissions and sewage sludge quality

Simultaneous imaging of surface topography and chemical composition under focussed X-rays irradiation.

Multi Nano Modified Epoxy Gelcoats for Wind Mill Blades