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Process control for the femtosecond laser surface modification by high resolution imaging spectroscopy

Ytterbium-doped Alignment-free Femtosecond Fiber Laser Engineering

Ultrashort Pulse Lasers for Innovative Technology

Development of a Commercial ElectroCapture Instrument for Mass Spectrometry and UV-detection

Heavy metal monitoring device to improve the environmental safety of wastewater emissions and sewage sludge quality

Simultaneous imaging of surface topography and chemical composition under focussed X-rays irradiation.

Multi Nano Modified Epoxy Gelcoats for Wind Mill Blades

Development of Super sharp and long life conductive SPM-probes for electrical measurements.

Development of new heavy-duty nanofiltration technology for re-injection of produced water in off-shore oil field production.

Chip scale optical frequency combs based on planar micro resonators