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Development & validation of a novel technology for Treatment and Prophylaxis of arterial Ulcers for Home and Nursing Home Use

Adaptive System for Image communications in Global Hybrid TETRA networks

Combined antibacterial debridement strategy for infected permanent bone implants as peri-implantitis treatment

Increased reservoir recovery rates by EXTRACTing oil using an innovative autonomous and reversible inflow control valve

Pilot scale Production And pre-Market Evaluation of a Cosmetic ingredient from a marine microalga

Towards the next generation CHeeses: Engineering of excellent Flavours for healthy cheeses

A robust veterinary point-of-care device for measuring canine CRP in the field.

Nutraceuticals from Icelandic Seaweed

A photocatalytic system for water cleaning using UV-LED and doped catalysts applied to ballast water

SubsEA DEtection of Corrosion