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The pregnenolone-derivative MAP4343 as a new therapy for the treatment of depressive disorders: a preclinical project

Generation & optimization of anti-FCGR2B antibodies to create tolerizing vaccines for autoimmune diseases and severe allergy

Psoriasis Anti-inflammatory Treatment

Bicyclic Anti-Inflammatory Therapeutics

A low-cost intranasal vaccine that offers universal protection against pneumococcal infections.

Combination of a hybrid scaffold material with cold adapted marine enzymes for wound healing

Development of a novel anti-invasive drug candidate with improved efficacy for liver cancer therapy

A novel topical therapy for Atopic Dermatitis through development of LXR agonists

Anti B-Cell 2-specific Antibody for the treatment of chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia

Development of next-generation treatment for allergies: targeted glycan-allergen immunotherapy