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Disarming the stealth properties of the HIV-envelope for AIDS vaccination by rational design of non-immunosuppressive VLPs

Rehabilitation Enhanced by Neuro-ElectroStimulation of upper limb InjurieS

A novel in vitro Screening system for the prediction of Drug Induced Liver Injury

Researching & developing a process of electrodepositing Thin Antimicrobial Coating (TAC) on orthopaedic implants


New immunoassay technology for acute phase proteins for all mammals

Novel technique for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) surgery on the beating heart.

Validation of a novel powerful technology for clinical-scale isolation of T-cells for adenovirus therapy

Novel absorbable collagen membrane for guided tissue regeneration and adhesion prevention following surgical intervention

Condensation-free Respiratory Humidifier for the Intensive Care Ward