Aim higher


The development of a method for the, accurate, non-invasive diagnosis of foetal aneuploidies.

Development of the PYROSEQ kit for the detection of minor drug-resistant HIV variants and for their clinical treatment.

Development of benchtop equipment for automated characterization of viruses and other biological nanoparticles

Innovative GLP-1R modulators for Type-2 Diabetes treatment.

Development of labelled soluble T cell Receptors as diagnostic imaging agents for cancer and diabetes image-guided therapy

Integrated Planning and Navigation System for Visceral Surgery

A high speed automated scanner for the whole slide imaging of pathology samples.

Cutting Edge Interventional Radiooncology Optimization Software

ARMKit - Advanced Rescue Medical Kit - an automated emergency system for initial treating medical cases until help arrives

Development of a novel diagnostic agent for the functional molecular imaging of cell death in vivo