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ALZHEIMER Transdermal Therapeutic Systems

BrainCapsule - a stand-alone cognitive skills training application designed for health institutions.

A new multi-parameter neuromonitoring system to save patients` lives in stroke, brain injury, cardiac arrest and sleep apnea

A novel real-time system for more accurate, efficient and reliable cortical neurosurgical mapping

Prehospital care process optimization with a microwave-based system for diagnostics and monitoring

LEvitation APparatus combined with neuromodulation to restore locomotion after spinal cord injury

Restoring locomotion in paraplegic patients based on targeted epidural electrical stimulation

IMProving Availability and Cost-effectiveness of mental Healthcare for Schizophrenia through mHealth

Closed-loop gait empowerment to restore free walking capacity for people with spinal cord injury

Adjusted Level of Effective Care (ALEC): closing the access and treatment gaps in mental health care