Aim higher


Development and introduction of novel technology to be embedded in Myoton Lite allowing for objectified muscle assessment.

Development of protein biochips for diagnosing infectious diseases in veterinary practice.

Diagnosis of skin cancer based on ICT tools

Portable Aptamer Biosensors for the Detection of Pathogens On-the-Spot (Legionella/Amoeba Complex)

Fingerprint Recording in Opiate Substitution Treatment - Non-invasive Diagnostic Monitoring

Development of novel non-invasive diagnostic tests to detect lymphomas

Three-dimensional ELASTOgraphic imaging using Circular breast Ultrasound Scanner for diagnosic purpose

Automatic Point-Of-Care-Testing Service

A GLYcomic approach for the diagnosis of PROstate cancer

Development of an Innovative Miniature Bio-chip Reader for Whole Blood Diagnostic Analysis