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Bistable mechanisms: towards a disruptive Braille cells technology
27-March-2018 to 28-March-2018

Villepinte-Paris / France

This public and free event organised on a yearly basis by the European Commission and a Member State ( French Ministry of Economy and Finance for the 2018...

High Resolution Waferlevel reflowable EDoF Camera Module

Ultra Wide Band Spin Torque Oscillators for Microwave Applications

Microwave Integrated circuits for new generation of GaN packaged MMICs (Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuits).

Distribution Of Robotics Assistants

New Energy Efficient Piezo Actuation

Ultra high frequency Surface Acoustic Wave devices for sensors and tele/radio/space communication

An integrated solution to improve autonomy and life quality of elderly and people with disabilities in residential/care homes

Biometric Innovative Rechargeable DeviceS