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24-May-2016 to 26-May-2016

Vigo / Spain

In 2016, this technical Symposium celebrates its 10 years anniversary, and is become a reference for the shipping industry . The event attracts investments and...
30-May-2016 to 04-June-2016

Bilbao / Spain

This Machine-Tool Biennial event is the biggest industrial trade show in Spain. It attracts leading manufacturers, importers, distributors, thousands of trade...

iSea - Intelligent telematics and safety solution for sea vessels.
24-April-2017 to 25-April-2017

London / United Kingdom

This conference will discuss the market drivers responsible for this rapid growth, and will address the increasingly large role that data and information plays...

High Performance Thermoplastic Composite Moulding Sheet

A novel process for production of advanced electronic components

New weigh in motion sensors (WIM) for measuring overloaded trucks-development (R&D) and prototypeing

Deployment of a new artificial turf conception natural alike by adding micro-encapsulated functional

Electronic sealed devices by one-shot reaction injection moulding of 100 % renewables