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Microbial Digester Anaerobic Systems

Gene Inactivation through Chromatin Engineering: An innovative approach to a therapeutic pipeline.

Drug discovery service platform targeting the human kinome for the treatment of cancer, diabetes and inflammation

Industrialisation of Chemical Yeast 3-hybrid technology: applications to drug discovery and development and toxicoproteomics

Development of Checkpoint Kinase 1 Inhibitors and Novel Diagnostics for the Treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Humans

Full-Integrated Early-Life Automate Platform

Dual System Independent Sequential Targeting

Pilot scale Production And pre-Market Evaluation of a Cosmetic ingredient from a marine microalga

The development of an easy-to-use CE-IVD test that improves the success rate of IVF-ET therapy

A novel, topical drug for treatment of diabetic foot infections (DFI)