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Safety microneedle for intradermal drug delivery

Condensation-free Respiratory Humidifier for the Intensive Care Ward

Development of Tailored Leukapheresis treatment for patients with severe inflammatory complications of Sepsis.

DIsposAble MOnitor for Needle Dislodgement (Venous Needle Dislodgement Sensor)

Development of a medical device - powder in a specific dispenser - to achieve haemostasis

Advanced in vivo imaging service for preclinical models to improve therapies in Autoimmune Diseases

A novel synergetic approach for increased infection control and reduced device related complications

Capitalizing on a Common Disruptive Microwave Measurement system for imaging & char. applications

Implant for Amputees - A novel treatment to improve rehabilitation and mobility for limb amputees.

Fully Automated quality-controlled, Cloud-based quanTitative and comprehensive cArdiac CT solution