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Microscope X In-vitro

Monthly replacement multifocal progressive contact lens on moulded silicone hydrogel based on the C2 speciality contact lens

Industrialisation of Chemical Yeast 3-hybrid technology: applications to drug discovery and development and toxicoproteomics

Development of a new biomaterial implant for the reinforcement and stabilization of small hand joints

Development of labelled soluble T cell Receptors as diagnostic imaging agents for cancer and diabetes image-guided therapy

Development of a medical device - powder in a specific dispenser - to achieve haemostasis

Development of a novel AhR-based Cancer Treatment

Covalently linked-ADC as a new and innovative technology for cancer therapy

Innovative Multifaceted Platform for Antimicrobials Commercialisation Transformation 2

A novel bio-material is to dramatically decrease the cost of treatment of severe wounds and burns.