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Ljubljana / Slovenia

The EUREKA office from Slovenia ( Ministry of Economic Development and Technology ) has organised a information session about Eurostars-2 , the first European...

Ljubljana / Slovenia

This highly interactive one-day event, organised by EBAN in the framework of the EUREKA InnoVest Programme ( E!nnoVest ), will give the participants the...

New generation of forging tools

Development of a Reconfigurable Mould for manufacturing of thermoplastic and thermosetting composite material components

A Grid/Web services platform for civil servants to access distributed information on training and employment.

Centralized Test Planning & Management for Distributed Embedded Software Development

Probabilistic Bayesian soft sensor - a tool for on-line estimation of the key process variable in cold rolling mills

Fast and loading compensated Aethalometer– an instrument for real time measurement of light absorbing carbonaceous aerosol

Development and industrial implementation of novel, wear-resistant and low-stick boron-based coatings

Counterbalancing device for divers