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Green indoor growth factory for production of high value compounds through GMO plants.

Pilot scale Production And pre-Market Evaluation of a Cosmetic ingredient from a marine microalga

Development of Affibody based radioimmunotherapy for treatment of multiple myeloma

A novel, topical drug for treatment of diabetic foot infections (DFI)

Improved diagnosis of lyme disease patients through identification of Borrelia-specific T-cells

Energy Efficient Reduction of Aquaculture Sludge by Super-Heated Steam Drying and Pyrolysis

A FAS ligand hexameric (APO010) and companion diagnostics in the immunotherapy of multiple myeloma

GT-002 for the treatment of schizophrenia.

Fusion of Bioinformatics and phosphoproteomics to design novel Glioma Treatment Strategies

A liposomal cisplatin formulation (LiPlaCis) and companion diagnostics in the treatment of ABC/RBC.