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Moixa Technology : Home DC Smart grid - Advanced energy management, renewables integration & power provisioning

Supercritical Aqueous Reforming of Moist Sewage Sludge a sustainable Energy Concept for Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs)

Recycling of silicon for solar cells by crystal pulling from the melt

Advanced Modules with high Efficient Rear contact N-Type solar cells

SMART RAdio Networks for Greater Energy management

High performance micro-turbines for CHP applications

Development of an innovative DLM monofuel/bifuel LPG system for downsized 1.2/1.6 turbo engines.

Innovative 600kWe Organic Rankine Cycle turbine prototype for glass, steel and cement factories

SOLARPower2.0 – Solar Panels that make solar farms cost competitive with coal-fired power plants