Aim higher


A novel inhibitor to prevent uncontrolled bleedings in anticoagulant users

Development of novel non-invasive diagnostic tests to detect lymphomas

Development of CMTM6 inhibitors: Modulation of PDL1 for cancer treatment

Identifying patients at risk of relapse of (metastatic) colorectal cancer with targeted imaging

Super Biased Ligands for Treatment of Type II Diabetes

Novel affordable ultrasound imaging to identify neonatal and maternal risks.

Targeting SUMOylation to treat resistant diffuse large B-cell Lymphoma

Selection and development of a therapeutic antibody against drug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae

Development of the first pharmaceutical therapy for the Allan-Herndon-Dudley Syndrome (AHDS)

Development of BOT501, a Non-invasive Imaging Diagnostic for Fibrosis