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Development of CMTM6 inhibitors: Modulation of PDL1 for cancer treatment

GeoTrackSports Real-time Tracking and 3D Visualization for Running Sport Competitions

Project BLEND: Blending Technologies for Ubiquitous Real-Time Data Access

Smartphones with Innovative Navigation Service for a unique InDoor Experience

Size controlled particles of chitosan as mucosal delivery system to induce allergen-specific immune tolerance.

Expert systems for long-term Preservation and Restoration of Films

ReachOut, linking XDS federation and zero footprint viewer for healthcare

Development of an MR-guided Focused Ultrasound device for the treatment of Prostate cancer (PROFUS)

Drug-eluting anti-adhesion implant with new physical barrier functionality and capability to locally deliver active agents

Flavonoids in the prevention of the Metabolic Syndrome