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28-May-2015 to 29-May-2015

Rome / Italy

By delivering workshops on current ‘hot’ topics’ within the innovation industry, this event organised in partnership with BIC Lazio , will provide participants...

Global Open Storytelling Platform
15-February-2018 to 16-February-2018

Rovereto / Italy

This event, organised by Polo Meccatronica , addresses industrial researchers, technicians, operation manager of large companies and SME's as well as academics...

Risk based Performance Prediction and Lifetime Assessment of Concrete Structures

Intelligent AGVs for autonomous pallet Identification/Localization/Transportation in non-structured industrial Environments

Adaptive Routing and Conflict mAnagement for Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles

Microwave Integrated circuits for new generation of GaN packaged MMICs (Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuits).