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Optimal Clinical Occlusion Catheter for applying Pressure-controlled intermittent coronary sinus occlusion (PICSO) therapy.

cAMP Enhancing approaches for treating pulmonary hypertension

Tissue engineered skin with human hair follicles for human transplantation and in vitro skin testing

The development of an easy-to-use CE-IVD test that improves the success rate of IVF-ET therapy

Eye Health Sensing and Management

Improved Treatment OF Morning Akinesia with new delayed release levodopa products.

Dual Affinity Protein (DAP) technology for single-use affinity purification of antibodies

A novel real-time system for more accurate, efficient and reliable cortical neurosurgical mapping

Speed Saves Lives: A Revolution in Cardiac Diagnostics with Real-Time MRI Beating Heart Analysis

Implant for Amputees - A novel treatment to improve rehabilitation and mobility for limb amputees.