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GEophysical MOnitoring of long-term changes of the rock characteristics in the areas endangered by Subsidence procesS

Mid-infrared frequency comb Fourier transform (FT) absorption spectrometer for time-resolved diagnostic of single events

Stable Microwave Generation and Dissemination over Optical Fiber

Compact and Efficient Laser for Life science and other applications, emitting > 60 mW continuous-wave radiation at 355 nm

Novel IR-laser source for active spectroscopy and medical applications

Fast and Reliable Monitoring of Infrastructure by Small UAVs

Development of a noncontact monitoring system for online quality monitoring of industrial products

Monitoring and preventing maturing, decay & rot of fruit in postharvest storages

Increased traffic safety through the development of an advanced sensor for measuring fog and ice fog

Photo-Acoustic Sensor for Oil detection in Compressed Air