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Condensation-free Respiratory Humidifier for the Intensive Care Ward

The development of an easy-to-use CE-IVD test that improves the success rate of IVF-ET therapy

Implant for Amputees - A novel treatment to improve rehabilitation and mobility for limb amputees.

Development of a companion diagnostic for use with SOL101 in the treatment of Fragile X Syndrome

Novel therapy for intractable tumours bearing oncogenic Kras mutations

An Innovative Cryogenic Tube for Vacuum Blood Collection and Cryostorage of Plasma Samples.

Comprehensive qualitative/quantitative multi-pathogen IVD workflow for immunocompromised patients

Thermoresponsive Microcarriers for Mesenchymal Stem Cells Cultures

Cloud based fully automated laboratory for smart and reproducible experiments in cancer research