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Development of an Innovative Miniature Bio-chip Reader for Whole Blood Diagnostic Analysis

Rehabilitation Enhanced by Neuro-ElectroStimulation of upper limb InjurieS

A novel in vitro Screening system for the prediction of Drug Induced Liver Injury

Researching & developing a process of electrodepositing Thin Antimicrobial Coating (TAC) on orthopaedic implants

Novel absorbable collagen membrane for guided tissue regeneration and adhesion prevention following surgical intervention

Development of a new device for Infant Vision evaluation

Development of an MR-guided Focused Ultrasound device for the treatment of Prostate cancer (PROFUS)

Innovative 3D planning and simulation for Hip and Knee arthroplasty

Early and predictive cardiac safety assessment of drugs using an automated system with human cardiac cells.

Therapeutic use of epigenetic modulators in oncological and neurodegenerative disease