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Paris / France

This B2B event, organised by Medicen Paris Region , is the 1st European matchmaking event on regenerative medicine . It aims to initiate R&D, technological...

Development of CMTM6 inhibitors: Modulation of PDL1 for cancer treatment

Injection System for Transderm Administration of dRugs

Three-dimensional ELASTOgraphic imaging using Circular breast Ultrasound Scanner for diagnosic purpose

ALZHEIMER Transdermal Therapeutic Systems

Development of an Innovative Miniature Bio-chip Reader for Whole Blood Diagnostic Analysis

Development of a canine melanoma pre-clinical model

Rehabilitation Enhanced by Neuro-ElectroStimulation of upper limb InjurieS

Researching & developing a process of electrodepositing Thin Antimicrobial Coating (TAC) on orthopaedic implants

Development of a new biomaterial implant for the reinforcement and stabilization of small hand joints