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New Hybrid Autonomous Power Supply system for the energy independence of isolated off-grid sites

Therapeutic use of epigenetic modulators in oncological and neurodegenerative disease

Prognostic miRNA-based test for left ventricular remodelling after acute myocardial infarction.

Development of two layered cable joints, branches and junction boxes with insulating and conductive

A biomarker chip-assay in preserved red blood cells for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Rare EArth ceramic phosphors for 3D optical readout Dosimetry

On-Axis 2-Photon Light-Sheet Generation for a 3-D in-vivo Imaging (Microscope) System

Next generation nonlinear crystals for UV lasers

High aspect ratio mold production using water guided laser machining

Artificially intelligent robotic device for improved orthopedic surgical care