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New class of HIV inhibitors to overcome resistance to current drugs and improvement of a mouse model

Virtual autonomous physiotherapy agent
24-May-2016 to 26-May-2016

Tel Aviv / Israel

The 15th National Life Science & Technology Week is one of the leading event of Israel’s life sciences industry. This annual event for players of...

Berne / Switzerland

This annual event, hosted this year by Medical Cluster and Fasmed is the largest and most important event for the medtech sector in Switzerland. Participants...

eBIONERVE: personalized nerve grafts for treating human nerve injuries

A novel therapeutic antibody and companion diagnostic for non-ischaemic cardiac remodelling

A novel topical therapy for Atopic Dermatitis through development of LXR agonists

Anti B-Cell 2-specific Antibody for the treatment of chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia

Development of next-generation treatment for allergies: targeted glycan-allergen immunotherapy
19-September-2016 to 23-September-2016

Basel / Switzerland

This international conference brings together researchers, investors, & policy makers from industry, academia, and not-for-profit institutions to discuss...