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Production of GMP laminin-111 for establishing clinical grade dopamine cells

High purity, low cost Fructose as feedstock for Biobased Chemicals

A liposomal cisplatin formulation (LiPlaCis) and companion diagnostics in the treatment of ABC/RBC.

Towards Bioengineered B-vitamins

Biomarker Guided Prostate Cancer Management

3D co-cultures of human PC and NPC cells from same liver: Prediction of Drug-induced liver injury

Long-term imaging of organ-on-chip cultures: a proof-of-concept for metastatic melanoma-on-chip

Novel genomic switches for 2nd generation in vivo models of human disease

A novel structure based discovery platform to translate orphan GPCR into new drug targets

A novel diagnostic Biosensor for ALK-targeted therapy of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)