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TRIC inhibitors to switch-off antimicrobial resistance

Neuroprotective therapy for ischemic stroke

Dual System Independent Sequential Targeting

Bridging Integrative OMICS and Structures for Community Applications Production and Exchange

NOvel STRAtegy for Drug discovery by A Microbiome-based approach: Use of PathoGut™ for predictive antibiotic Screening

Pilot scale Production And pre-Market Evaluation of a Cosmetic ingredient from a marine microalga

Liver spheroids: An advanced HTS in vitro system for the study of drug induced liver toxicity and liver diseases.

Age Related Skin Disorders : development of a new treatment candidate and a new method to analyse treatments efficacy

The development of an easy-to-use CE-IVD test that improves the success rate of IVF-ET therapy

Innovating GPCR Drug Discovery with Protein Engineering and Biophysics