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Gene Inactivation through Chromatin Engineering: An innovative approach to a therapeutic pipeline.

A genotyping prognostic tool to predict course of multiple sclerosis (MS), improve its management and personalize treatment

Phytate/zinc: a synergic combination in mouthwashes and dentifrices for the treatment and prevention of dental calculus

Development of the next-stage production platform for industrial enzymes

M2001 as Prospective Drug for the Metabolic Syndrome

Drug discovery service platform targeting the human kinome for the treatment of cancer, diabetes and inflammation

Preclinical Efficacy Models for Osteoarthritis To Repair Articular Cartilage

Production, process development and quality control of recombinant plant-made proteins using hydrophobins.

Development of a Drug-transporter Specific Ready-to-use Monolayer Cell Product Line: PReadyPort

Identification of molecules to treat Parkinson’s disease (PD) using a novel zebrafish model