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Alpha galactosidase for the Industry

Gene Inactivation through Chromatin Engineering: An innovative approach to a therapeutic pipeline.

M2001 as Prospective Drug for the Metabolic Syndrome

Drug discovery service platform targeting the human kinome for the treatment of cancer, diabetes and inflammation

Development of an enhanced vaccine production and delivery platform

Dual Affinity Protein (DAP) technology for single-use affinity purification of antibodies

Improved diagnosis of lyme disease patients through identification of Borrelia-specific T-cells

A unique tolerance inducing therapy for the treatment of the Orphan disease Myasthenia Gravis (MG)

Energy Efficient Reduction of Aquaculture Sludge by Super-Heated Steam Drying and Pyrolysis

A FAS ligand hexameric (APO010) and companion diagnostics in the immunotherapy of multiple myeloma