Aim higher


Development of novel clinical drug candidates for the treatment of pandemic and seasonal influenza

Industrialisation of Chemical Yeast 3-hybrid technology: applications to drug discovery and development and toxicoproteomics

Development of a biological method enabling the very early detection of altered DNA molecules linked to colorectal cancer.

Development of innovative diagnostic and prognostic tools for the canine and human mitral valve disease.

A Systems Biology approach: Uniting protein knowledge to integrated structural analysis

Flavonoids in the prevention of the Metabolic Syndrome

Early and predictive cardiac safety assessment of drugs using an automated system with human cardiac cells.

Multi-parameter, end to end cell monitoring platform for continuous monitoring of adherent and suspension cell cultures

Bridging Integrative OMICS and Structures for Community Applications Production and Exchange

Age Related Skin Disorders : development of a new treatment candidate and a new method to analyse treatments efficacy