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BUPI – a long-acting lozenge with bupivacaine for pain relief of Oral Mucositis in cancer patients

Disarming the stealth properties of the HIV-envelope for AIDS vaccination by rational design of non-immunosuppressive VLPs

Find The Needle In The Haystack instrumentation for Mass Spectrometry

Antimicrobial coating for peripheral venous catheters

Personalized implants to treat cartilage damage in the knee

Establishment of a rare cell isolation and enumeration platform for cancer diagnosis and other uses

Capitalizing on a Common Disruptive Microwave Measurement system for imaging & char. applications

Identifying patients at risk of relapse of (metastatic) colorectal cancer with targeted imaging

Mollii - Personalized suit for treatment of spasticity

Novel affordable ultrasound imaging to identify neonatal and maternal risks.