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Injection System for Transderm Administration of dRugs

Development of a novel diagnostic agent for the functional molecular imaging of cell death in vivo

A new multi-parameter neuromonitoring system to save patients` lives in stroke, brain injury, cardiac arrest and sleep apnea

Development of a pharmaceutical printing system supporting personalized therapy in oncology and in the paediatric population.

Optimal Clinical Occlusion Catheter for applying Pressure-controlled intermittent coronary sinus occlusion (PICSO) therapy.

A novel real-time system for more accurate, efficient and reliable cortical neurosurgical mapping

COnsciousness Monitoring, Assessment, prediction and Life activities with EEG in Real Time

Capitalizing on a Common Disruptive Microwave Measurement system for imaging & char. applications

Ultra-fast oxygen detection in exhaled breath gas for ergospirometric devices

Development and validation of an EPIgenetics-based THYroid cancer DIAgnostic