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Liège / Belgium

This "Economic" Day is being organised as part of a two-day visit to Wallonia by the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Lilianne...

Adhesive silicone hydrogel for Controlled Oral Drug Elution

Development of a canine melanoma pre-clinical model

Development of non-human primate models for preclinical assessment of osteoarthritis treatments

Size controlled particles of chitosan as mucosal delivery system to induce allergen-specific immune tolerance.

A high speed automated scanner for the whole slide imaging of pathology samples.

Cervix care: biomarker-based triage diagnostics for HPV positive women to detect cervical cancer

To develop a certified diagnostic test for monitoring disease activity in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Full-Integrated Early-Life Automate Platform

Nucleosome Biomarkers as predictors of inflammatory response