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Development of the properties and application methods for direct and indirect polyurea products

REal time acousto-optic based SPectrometer for femtosecond broadband and/or tunable mid InfraREd laser sources

Newgeneration Explosives Scanning Systems

Improvements in the scope and efficiency of AFM/NSOM single and multiprobe SPM techniques

PEEK based spinal implants with improved osteoconductivity and decreased infection risks

Flexible and Robust processing Units based on Innovative amplification Techniques of Fiber Ultrashort Lasers

Modular Trace Gas Analyzer consisting of a MEMs Grating Tuned Infrared laser Module for enhanced photo-acoustic spectroscopy.

Development of new combined analytical methods to detect and quantify SPICE compounds and designer drugs

Industrial Mobility & Mass Analyzer

Combined Scanning Electron-, Scanning Ion- and High-Speed Scanning Atomic Force Microscope