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24-June-2015 to 25-June-2015

Lausanne / Switzerland

Venture Academies are the second core element of the EUREKA HTIP , the High Tech Investment Programme organised in partnership with EBAN and Europe Unlimited...

Bistable mechanisms: towards a disruptive Braille cells technology

High Resolution Waferlevel reflowable EDoF Camera Module

Logistics control, storage monitoring and anti-counterfeiting of PHARMaceutical products by Advanced Integrated Devices.

BioSec - Biometric and Security Video Technologies for Identity Authentication and Site-Security Everywhere

Creation of an innovative shaped (non-planar) Phased Array Antenna for Mobile Broadband Communications.

Location Based Analyzer

Real-time Interactive 3D Rendering of Musical Recordings

Enhanced wireless Technologies for News and Security Applications

Distribution Of Robotics Assistants