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High Towards a fast biobased discovery and screening of new drugs targeting neoplasicactivity

A genotyping prognostic tool to predict course of multiple sclerosis (MS), improve its management and personalize treatment

Phytate/zinc: a synergic combination in mouthwashes and dentifrices for the treatment and prevention of dental calculus

Development of the next-stage production platform for industrial enzymes

Development of a Drug-transporter Specific Ready-to-use Monolayer Cell Product Line: PReadyPort

PharmacEutical Applications of maRine naturaL products

Development of a cost-effective vaccine against cervical cancer - a prophylactic approach

Novel therapy for intractable tumours bearing oncogenic Kras mutations

Conformation-Stabilized GPCRs for Pathway Specific Drug Discovery

Novel genomic switches for 2nd generation in vivo models of human disease