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Size controlled particles of chitosan as mucosal delivery system to induce allergen-specific immune tolerance.

Moixa Technology : Home DC Smart grid - Advanced energy management, renewables integration & power provisioning

Novel technique for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) surgery on the beating heart.

Supercritical Aqueous Reforming of Moist Sewage Sludge a sustainable Energy Concept for Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs)

Software Defined Antenna for software defined radio solutions.

Elbow actuation of orthopaedic prostheses based on the NUGEAR principle.

Expert systems for long-term Preservation and Restoration of Films

Dual acting peptides for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

High yield cartilage cell isolation for commercially viable, single surgery knee cartilage repair

Development of a Bispecific therapeutic antibody for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer