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15-February-2018 to 16-February-2018

Rovereto / Italy

This event, organised by Polo Meccatronica , addresses industrial researchers, technicians, operation manager of large companies and SME's as well as academics...

Microwave Integrated circuits for new generation of GaN packaged MMICs (Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuits).

Logistics control, storage monitoring and anti-counterfeiting of PHARMaceutical products by Advanced Integrated Devices.

Counterbalancing device for divers

Microwave Axial Tomograph for the Health Examination of Wood

Fully Integrated CMOS-based Car Radio chip

European Rad-hard 16Mbit MCM SRAM for Space Applications

Wearable Blood Pressure System

High power RF Micro-modules Itar-free, smart and highly-integrated for SSPA market.