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Development of ultrasonic circular sawing technology with disk shaped tools

Development of a Rad-Hard Mixed-Signal Library for Commercialization of Space Qualified ICs

New Hybrid Autonomous Power Supply system for the energy independence of isolated off-grid sites

Therapeutic use of epigenetic modulators in oncological and neurodegenerative disease

Prognostic miRNA-based test for left ventricular remodelling after acute myocardial infarction.

FRIDASTEM: A novel drug discovery platform delivering breakthrough cancer stem cell (CSC) drugs

New cost-effective SUspension ceramic coatings with SUPERior WEAR and insulating properties

Development of a cost-effective vaccine against cervical cancer - a prophylactic approach

Design and development of a metal-free spinal implant based on a new composite processing technology

Novel therapy for intractable tumours bearing oncogenic Kras mutations