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Microwave Integrated circuits for new generation of GaN packaged MMICs (Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuits).

Search and Cartography of Online OPinions

REmoving Organic Pollutants from soils using instant pressure drop process

New production process for medical bags based on RadioFrequency sterilization and ICT

Project BLEND: Blending Technologies for Ubiquitous Real-Time Data Access

Optimizing a novel, safe and efficient RNA Interference protection strategy for honeybee Nosema disease.

Segmentation Applied to Lesions delineated on PET images: Optimization of MEthods

Development of a multi-parameter geochemical probe for high temperature groundwater in-situ measurements (up to 105°C)

Enhanced wireless Technologies for News and Security Applications

Smart, hIgh power, eye safe, coMpact Pulsed Laser for profile monitoring systEm