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Ultrasound-mediated gene transfer in 3-D hydrogel matices for tissue regeneration

Validation of a novel powerful technology for clinical-scale isolation of T-cells for adenovirus therapy

Safe Automotive soFtware architEcture-Enhancement

Development of a biological method enabling the very early detection of altered DNA molecules linked to colorectal cancer.

Development of a novel diagnostic agent for the functional molecular imaging of cell death in vivo

Genomic selection of wheat varieties for robustness, yield and quality

Development of innovative diagnostic and prognostic tools for the canine and human mitral valve disease.

Research and Development of Demand Response Dynamic Pricing and Optimization Mechanisms for Smart Grids Virtual Power Plant

A new multi-parameter neuromonitoring system to save patients` lives in stroke, brain injury, cardiac arrest and sleep apnea

High power Advanced switch-mode multi level grid simulator system on a modular base