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Integrative Test-Methodology for RFID Applications (ITERA)

Ontology-based Product Data Management

Validation of a novel powerful technology for clinical-scale isolation of T-cells for adenovirus therapy

Safe Automotive soFtware architEcture-Enhancement

A new multi-parameter neuromonitoring system to save patients` lives in stroke, brain injury, cardiac arrest and sleep apnea

Mid-IR Amplifier based oN a Tm-Doped-fiber Ultrafast-pulse Source

A generic dialog box for multilingual conversational applications

Development of monoclonal antibody-based passive immune therapy and companion diagnostics for severe Klebsiella infections

Development of a pharmaceutical printing system supporting personalized therapy in oncology and in the paediatric population.

Electrified Powertrain Concepts - Model Driven Development of Electrified Powertrains