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Brussels / Belgium

The Kick-off-Meeting of the European Interest Group Korea will discuss the benefit of the EIG Korea for multilateral / bilateral cooperation for funding...

MEMS-based Underwater Acoustical Particle Velocity Vector Sensors

Development of a drinking water pipeline network monitoring system - detecting, pre-locating, and locating leakages

Wine waste INvestigation Europe

“Integrated Portable Diagnostic Tool for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Large Scale Concrete Structures”

Sustainable Symbiotic Phosphorus Fertiliser Production from Two Renewable Raw Materials

images for Rapid mapping, Enhanced Security and Communications for Universal Emergency services

JELLYfish FORecasting service based on Earth Observation

Railway Vibration Mitigation in Transmission Path (soil)

Novel tin - layered double hydroxide hybrid fire retardants and their application in nano-composite cable formulations