Aim higher


Quality Management for Vital Forest Tree Seedlings

Development of a Reconfigurable Mould for manufacturing of thermoplastic and thermosetting composite material components

Developing of standardised method for detection of stress and pain at patients in Intensive Care Units (ICU)

- development of a manufacturing platform for the smart card with integrated flexible display showing 32 characters

A Non-Invasive Expert System for Diagnosis of Intraocular Tumours

Intelligent Video and Audio Restoration

Nano Composite Material and Synthesis Technology for Enhanced Dynamic Stiffness

Development of a Commercial ElectroCapture Instrument for Mass Spectrometry and UV-detection

CArbon nanotube REinforced multifunctional POlymers for use in grinding systems for construction materials

Alternative antifungal agents from natural sources for aquaculture and test methods for ecotoxicity and antifungal effects