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Automated sea lice detection by computer vision.

Production, process development and quality control of recombinant plant-made proteins using hydrophobins.

Green indoor growth factory for production of high value compounds through GMO plants.

Single Cell Proteins from Biorefinaries and Geothermal Power Plants as protein source for aquatic animals

Forensic Image Identifier and Analyzer

Enabling consumer access to food product information and process data through mobile and web applications.

Nutraceuticals from Icelandic Seaweed

Combination of a hybrid scaffold material with cold adapted marine enzymes for wound healing

Reykjavik / Iceland

This event, organised by the Innovation Center Iceland ( ICI ) and by the Icelandic Centre for Research ( Rannis ) will aim to inform the participants about...

Reykjavik / Iceland

This information session about Eurostars-2 , the first European funding and support programme to be specifically dedicated to SMEs, is organised by the...