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14-September-2017 to 15-September-2017

Prague / Czech Republic

A thorough knowledge of the market position and long-term goals and strategies of different groups of companies and other stakeholders involved in innovation ecosystem is the basic prerequisite for the effectiveness of the support tools of the innovation policy. Many agencies have experience with innovation potential...

Zürich / Switzerland

This international, high-level private capital forum brings together leading asset managers, institutional and private investors , top-tier consultant s and entrepreneurs with interests in the broader European private markets. The event offers a highly engaging and content-rich programme for leaders in private equity...
16-October-2017 to 17-October-2017

Budapest / Hungary

The EIT’s Innovation Forum combines the EIT Awards and the EIT Stakeholder Forum with a specific focus on shaping innovation in Europe and consulting stakeholders on the EIT`s Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA) 2021-2027. Bringing together more than 600 stakeholders from across the European innovation community, the...
Technical and Research
14-November-2017 to 16-November-2017

Barcelona / Spain

This international summit focuses on discussions about the link between urban reality and technological revolution ; it is a referential global event to support the development of the cities. This professional, institutional and social meeting point is a leading platform of ideas, networking, experiences and...
Technical and Research
20-November-2017 to 22-November-2017

Tallinn / Estonia

The Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and Startup Estonia have been selected to host this annual Summit. This year, the Summit will explore how digital disruption is changing the world. The event, organised by the Global Entrepreneurship Network ( GEN ), will continue to explore rapidly growing...
22-November-2017 to 24-November-2017

Tallinn / Estonia

This annual conference, organised in the frame of the European SME Week , is one of the most significant event for Europe's SMEs and entrepreneurs , and those that support them. Together with the network of SME Envoys, the assembly creates the governance structure of the Small Business Act. The event focuses on how to...