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PasticsToday: Danish-led Eurostars projects 'Super-Slip' develops new test method for injection molding release effect

New coatings with improved release properties for the injection molding process have been developed, tested and validated by the Tribology Centre at the Danish Technological Institute (DTI; Aarhus, Denmark) operating in a consortium with two Danish companies and partners in Switzerland and Spain.

Good progress has been made in designing, developing, implementing and validating a new test method for quantifying the release properties in an industry-relevant injection molding geometry, says Lars Pleth Nielsen, PhD, HD(O), Director of DTI's Tribology Centre. “It has been a quite complicated task just to be able to measure a reproducible ejection force,” says Nielsen. “This has been achieved with such a high reproducibility that we have realized that all test parts must serve as their own references. This implies that the measuring technique is so accurate and the reproducibility so high that we can measure a difference between individual cores—in nominal terms—when they are manufactured in the same way to the same specifications.”

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