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INNOWWIDE "Granting scheme for EU SMES approaching international markets"

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - 02:30 to 03:45
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Technical and Research

This webinar, organised by the European Business Network (EBN) will present a brand-new funding opportunity providing European SMEs with a head start in target markets outside Europe: INNOWWIDE.
The INNOWWIDE programme will support innovative SME gain access to new international markets by funding viability assessment projects to be deployed in cooperation with local stakeholders around the world.
Two calls will be implemented with a total budget of 7,2M€.

The webinar will provide practical information for SMEs in Europe and potential R&I partners in third countries about the first INNOWWIDE call, which opens on 1 April 2019.
Participants will learn about the scope of INNOWWIDE and how to apply for it.

The webinar will also aim to connect with EBN members and BSOs interested in further disseminating this opportunity with their networks.

Potential applicants will have the opportunity to raise requests of getting connected to partners in target markets, and for EBN members and partners outside EU to propose themselves to support this partnering process. If interested in this opportunity, please email  before March 30th.

To register please use the followink link.


INNOWWIDE aims to provide funding to at least 120 European innovative SMEs and start-ups to conduct Viability Assessment Projects (VAPs) in markets outside of Europe. The project will open two calls that will provide up to 60,000€ of funding per project.