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Eurostars, a model in industrial policy for the European Parliament's policy directorate

The European Parliament’s Directorate for internal policies recently released a study on policies targeting industry, research and energy. Taking note of the recent return into favour of industrial policy in Europe, the report assesses existing policies at national and EU levels in order to feed into the debate on how to improve competitiveness and growth in Europe through a ‘new industrial policy’. An answer to the ‘old’ approach characterised by top-down initiatives pursuing clearly defined sectorial priorities, new industrial policy implies ‘pragmatic public–private partnerships’, such as the ones generated through EUREKA’s bottom-up approach.

Eurostars is a bottom-up programme, aimed at R&D-performing SMEs that wish to exploit the benefits that come with international collaboration, and co-managed by EUREKA and the European Commission. It is listed by the authors of the study among the most relevant programmes from an industrial policy perspective and enjoys a total public budget under Horizon 2020 of €1.14 billion. Eurostars also covers two recurring priorities of industrial policies in Europe: innovation and SMEs. The next deadline for submitting an application for funding in the Eurostars programme is 17 September 2015.

Read the full report EU Industrial Policy: Assessment of Recent Developments and Recommendations for Future Policies.